Unacco School Khongman


UNACCO SCHOOL believes in training students for leadership and sharing responsibilities. To provide ample opportunities as well to inculcate healthy spirit of competition among students, they have been divided into 4 houses namely Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz and Emerald.
Each House is under the charge of a House In charge who is assisted by a Deputy In charge and has its own House Captains and Vice Captains, who are responsible for discipline and organization of school activities.
Competition plays an important part in the House System and all students are encouraged to represent their House during the course of the year. All students compete for house points that build towards their own personal total and towards that of their House. The Inter House events contribute a great deal to the life of the school and the enjoyment of the students.
The house system presents perfect opportunities for our students to develop the leadership skills that will be so important as they move through the school and beyond. All our students are encouraged to take on leadership roles at some stage in their school career.
The House System forges bonds of loyalty and devotion. A healthy spirit of competition is cultivated among the students.

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