Unacco School Khongman


Well planned, designed, spacious and well equipped science lab- for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
The Science Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry & Biology provide experiential learning opportunities to the students. These facilities make learning anenjoyable and realistic experience. The very atmosphere of the labs is stimulating and invigorating.

Chemistry Lab
The Chemistry Lab is well equipped. Labs are provided with the state- of the- art devices, like- Fume hood, Distillation unit, Electronic weighing machine, Firefightingequipment, First- Aid Kit etc.

Biology Lab
A well designed Biology Lab is equipped with all modern facilities and required specimens including the Microscopes compatible with high resolution digital camera.

Physics Lab
The Physics Lab is well lit & ventilated. It is equipped with all the latest apparatus to enable the students to perform the practical of Light, Heat, Sound, Electricity& Magnetism.

Computer Lab
As the world is becoming more globalised and technology is increasing day- by- day, the school has given ample facilities to the students. Computer lab is equipped with latest computer with necessary softwares.

Besides these, there is also a separate Mathematics lab.

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